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Ipsita Datta Awarded Mirzakhani Fellowship
The Stanford Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that Ipsita Datta is awarded the Maryam Mirzakhani Graduate Fellowship for 2020-21. T
Lisa Sauermann Receives Two Dissertation Prizes
September 8, 2020   -    Lisa Sauermann, who completed her PhD with Prof. Jacob Fox at Stanford in 2019, has two dissertation prizes.  First, she received the fourth annual Association for Women in Math Dissertation Prize. The dissertation prize is awarded annually for up to three outstanding PhD dissertations that have been completed and defended within the past 24 months. For more about the award and Sauermann's dissertation, click here.  Second, she received the Richard Rado Prize. This is a dissertation prize given out every other year in discrete mathematics and a two-day conference is built around the award ceremony. This year, due to the pandemic, the award ceremony was held virtually and the conference was cancelled. For more about the award, click here.

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