About Us

The MRC exists to:

  • Foster, promote, and support research in pure and applied mathematics by the faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students of the Department of Mathematics.
  • Bring top, internationally known mathematicians to Stanford for consultation and collaboration on major research programs. We aim to disseminate the results of these programs in lecture series and published articles.
  • Sponsor conferences, workshops, and seminar series to both advance research areas and report on recent progress. These programs also introduce young mathematicians (both postdoctoral fellows and graduate students) to cutting-edge research in a variety of areas in the mathematical sciences.
  • Stimulate interest in mathematics and the development of mathematical skills among high school students. This includes support of such programs as the Bay Area Mathematics Circles and Stanford’s summer mathematics camp for high school students (SUMaC).
  • Supplement travel costs of postdoctoral members and assistant professors of the department. Occasionally, MRC has also provided travel funding for graduate students to attend workshops and for undergraduates to pursue summer research opportunities.

The operations of the MRC are generously funded by the Dean’s office of the School of Humanities and Sciences. The MRC is vital to sustain the research activities of both pure and applied mathematics in the Stanford Mathematics Department. Ralph Cohen served as the Founding Director of the MRC from 1999 to 2009. Past Directors include Kannan Soundararajan, who served from 2009-2014 and Soren Galatius, who served from 2014-2018. In addition, many of the memorial lecture series, sponsored by the MRC, are supported by generous donations of gifts or endowments.  Some activities of the MRC have also received funding from outside companies such as Highbridge Capital Management, Two Sigma Investments, and other private donors.

MRC Logo

The MRC Logo was designed by an alumnus of our PhD. Program, Henry Segerman. Please visit his webpage at http://www.segerman.org/