Titlesort icon Speaker(s) Date
Toy Models Tadashi Tokieda 11/04/14
The Shape of Inner Space Shing-Tung Yau 02/09/11
The Mathematics Behind Knots Edward Witten 10/27/10
Sums of Squares and Golden Gates Peter Sarnak 05/19/15
Solving Cubic Equations Benedict Gross 02/08/12
Science from a Sheet of Paper Tadashi Tokieda 12/03/15
Rubik, Escher, Bank$ Brian Conrad 10/30/12
Mathematics of Clothing Design Étienne Ghys 04/16/14
Mathematics of Bats Cedric Villani 11/05/13
Mathematics as Metaphor: From Curved Spaces to Quantum Topology Curtis McMullen 05/14/13
Mathematicians helping Art Historians and Art Conservators Ingrid Daubechies (Duke University) 02/02/17
Mathematical Roots James Simons 10/27/10
Jordan Ellenberg Video
How to Use Math to Get Rich in the Lottery* Jordan Ellenberg (Wisconsin–Madison) 11/03/16
From Chern-Simons Theory to Topological Insulators Shoucheng Zhang 10/27/10
Breaking Codes and Finding Patterns Susan Holmes (Stanford University) 05/05/16
A Special Conversation on “Behind the Man Who Knew Infinity”
Matthew Brown (director of the film)
Manjul Bhargava (Princeton)
Ken Ono (Emory)
Kannan Soundararajan (Stanford)