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Stanford Undergraduates William Kuszamaul and Ethan Sussman selected as 2018 Hertz Foundation Fellows

Congratulations to Stanford math majors, William Kuszamaul and Ethan Sussman, for being selected as 2018 Hertz Foundation Fellows.  Kuszamaul is a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, and Sussman is a double major in Mathematics and Physics. Kuszamaul and Sussman are two of only three undergraduates in this year’s class of ten Hertz Fellows. The fellowship will provide support for a full five years in the pursuit of a PhD  in the applied physical, biological and engineering sciences. These fields include applied mathematics, statistics, and quantitative aspects of human biology. Students will be given full freedom to pursue the most compelling and cutting edge research in their fields.

The 2018 class of Fellows was chosen from nearly 700 applicants who are interested in pursuing graduate work in the United States. The Fellows represent eight different states, nine different undergraduate schools, as well as several different disciplines of study.

For more information on the Hertz Foundation Fellowship, please visit their website

William KuszamaulEthan Sussman