Simon Brendle has won the 2014 Maxime Bôcher Prize of the American Mathematical Society.

The Bôcher Prize is awarded for a notable paper in analysis published during the preceding six years. Prizes are currently given every three years.

The 2014 Bôcher Prizewas awarded to Simon Brendle for his outstanding solutions of long standing problems in geometric analysis including the solution with R. Schoen of the differentiable sphere theorem (JAMS 22 2009) and the solution of the Lawson conjecture (to appear Acta Mathematica 2013). Brendle is also recognized for his deep contributions to the study of the Yamabe equation."

Congratulations, Simon!

P.S. Simon joins five other Bôcher winners who are or were in our department: Leon Simon (1994), Rick Schoen (1989), Don Ornstein (1974), Paul Cohen (1964), and Don Spencer (1948). [Spencer later moved to Princeton, but he was at Stanford from 1942 to 1950.]


From the announcement email of Professor/Chairman Brian White 12/17/13