"10 EMS prizes were awarded to young researchers not older than 35 years, of European nationality or working in Europe, in recognition of excellent contributions in mathematics. The prize winners were selected by a committee of around 15 internationally recognized mathematicians covering a large variety of fields and chaired by Prof. Frances Kirwan (Oxford, UK). Funds for this prize have been endowed by the Foundation Compositio Mathematica. Among the ten selected extremely talented young mathematicians, one of them is our very own, Simon Brendle!

Simon Brendle, 31 years old, received his PhD from Tübingen University in Germany under the supervision of Gerhard Huisken. He is now a Professor of mathematics at Stanford University, USA. An EMS-prize is awarded to him for his outstanding results on geometric partial differential equations and systems of elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic types, which have led to breakthroughs in differential geometry including the differentiable sphere theorem, the general convergence of Yamabe flow, the compactness property for solutions of the Yamabe equation, and the Min-Oo conjecture."


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