Stanford University

Professor Tadashi Tokieda to give a Public Lecture at the ICM 2018

Professor Tadashi Tokieda has been invited to present a Public Lecture at the upcoming International Congress of Mathematics (ICM), to be held in Rio Janeiro in August, 2018.

The other four Public Lecture Speakers at the ICM 2018 are, Etienne Ghys ( Lyon, France), Ingrid Daubechies ( Duke University, USA), Cédric Villani​ ( France), Rogério Martins (Lisbon, Portugal).

Professor Tokieda will also be participating in the ICM 2018 panel on “New Avenues for Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics.”

To learn more about ICM 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, including information on Public Lectures and Invited panels, visit the website.


Past public lectures presented by Professor Tokieda at Stanford University:

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