Stanford University

Professor Tadashi Tokieda

In addition to his recent public lecture at ICM, Stanford Mathematics Professor Tadashi Tokieda is also giving several other public lectures to the larger mathematics community this year.  Professor Tokieda has been with the Mathematics Department since 2017 and served as the Poincare Distinguished Visiting Professor from 2015-16. He is known for developing and sharing tricks and toys that question our assumptions about math and physics.


On September 5, 2018, Professor Tokieda gave a Plenary Lecture at 7th International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics, and Education in Oxford, United Kingdom. According to the conference website, “the OSME meeting is one of the most important gatherings of the origami community around the world. Previous meetings, held approximately every four years, have been highly successful; the community has grown exponentially, which is demonstrated by the fact that over 300 participants attended in the 6OSME in Tokyo. The meeting proceedings have become the definitive guide for advanced origami research.”  For more information on the Plenary Keynote Speakers please see the conference website:  

In October, Professor Tokieda is giving the Arnold Ross Lecture of the AMS on the 24th and the Hirzebruch Lecture on the 31st. 

The Arnold Ross Lecture will take place at the St. Louis Science Center in St. Louis, MO.  The purpose of this series of lectures for talented high school mathematics students is to stimulate their interest in mathematics beyond the traditional classroom and to show them the tremendous opportunities for careers in mathematics--as mathematics teachers and as researchers in government, industry, and university programs. The lectures are intended to illustrate some recent development in mathematical research.  You can read more about Professor Tokieda’s lecture and past Arnold Ross Lecturers at this website:


The Hirzebruch Lecture, started in 2007, is hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, Germany, in honor of the 80th birthday of Professor Friedrich Hirzebruch. The aim of the lecture is to illustrate the relationship between mathematics and art, society, and other fields. Information on past Hirzebruch Lectures can be found at this website: