Stanford University

András Vasy to Receive 2017 American Mathematical Society Bôcher Prize

András Vasy of Stanford University will receive the 2017 AMS Bôcher Prize "for his fundamental paper `Microlocal analysis of asymptotically hyperbolic and Kerr-de Sitter spaces,' published in Inventiones Mathematicae". The AMS Bôcher Prize is awarded every three years for a notable paper in analysis published during the preceding six years. Vasy's main area of research is in partial differential equations, which are equations representing systems that change over time. For example, various kinds of waves including sound waves can be represented by partial differential equations. The prize-winning paper of András Vasy resolves a 35-year-old conundrum in geometric scattering theory and develops a systematic framework for analyzing certain partial differential equations. Although it appeared only in 2013, the paper has had a major impact and stimulated much subsequent research, some of it by Vasy and his co-authors. The prize citation also recognizes "Vasy's outstanding contributions to multi-body scattering and to propagation of singularities for solutions to wave equations on regions with singular boundaries." The prize will be awarded Thursday, January 5, 2017, at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta.