The Putnam results arrived last week, and Stanford had another excellent year! The team consisting of Seok Hyeong Lee, Gyujin Oh,
and Lyuboslav Panchev finished fourth -- the Department gets an award of $10000, and each team member receives an award of $400 and a medal. This is Stanford's fourth fourth place finish in the last five years! The winning teams were (1) Harvard, (2) Carnegie-Mellon, (3) Caltech, (4) Stanford, and (5) MIT.

Seok Hyeong Lee repeated his 2008 and 2010 performances, and is yet again Putnam Fellow! He joins a select group of < 30 people who have been Putnam fellow three or more times. Rather amusingly, at this moment we have one undergraduate, one graduate student, one postdoc and one faculty member on this list! Please join me in congratulating Seok Hyeong for this extraordinary achievement!

Here are some other highlights from the results this year:

--- Ravi Fernando (Sophomore) ranked 8 in the competition, placing him in the "Next nine" category.

--- Four more students received Honorable Mention. They are:
Jeffrey Chen
Lyuboslav Panchev
Gregory Peairs
Deyan Simeonov

The cutoff for an HM was 34 points and a rank of 80.
Distribution of top 80 students: MIT 29(!), Princeton 8, Stanford 6,
Carnegie-Mellon 5, Harvard 4, Caltech 3, Harvey Mudd 3.

--- A further 8 students featured in the top 197. They are:

Sam Keller
Sunkyu Lim
Zhi Kin Loke
Gyujin Oh
Jaehyun Park
Moor Xu
Lynnelle Ye
Renjie You.

--- Another 13 students finished in the "Honor Roll" of the list of top
five hundred students sent out with the Putnam results:

Vishal Arul
Sam Beder
Michael Celentano
Michael Haynes
Bryan Hooi
Robin Jia
Pak Hin Lee
Frank Li
Wendy Mu
Prithvi Ramakrishnan
Marc Rasi
Matthew Staib
Bryce Taylor

In all we had 27 students in the "Honor Roll". MIT topped this with 82 students; Harvard 28; Princeton 30; Carnegie-Mellon 26; Caltech 16.

--- The cutoff for the honor roll this year was 13 points. Narrowly missing out were Yeskendir Kassenov, Mickey Haggblade, Tony Jin, Hieu Pham, Anand Natarajan, Schuyler Smith, Linyi Gao, Peng Hui How, Yushi Wang, Kurt von Laven, Huaiyu Wu, Potcheparol Suteparok, and Charles Chen-- they all got essentially one question right.

--- Fun Putnam stats: 4440 students, 572 schools. Median score 0.
Top score 91. I think it was an unusually difficult test -- probably the hardest in recent memory. The top 5 scored between 70-91 points (out of 120). Problems A5, A6 and B6 had interesting point distributions -- one person got ten points on A5 (Seok Hyeong?) and everyone else got 0, and everyone got zero on B6.

Congratulations to all our participants on yet another commendable performance!