A recent initiative, joint with the Friends of Stanford Mathematics, is a series of lectures for the general public by outstanding mathematicians who are also wonderful communicators.

October 16, 2013
Speaker: Jean Pierre Bourguignon (IHÉS-Stanford)

May 14, 2013
Speaker: Curtis McMullen (Harvard)

October 30, 2012
Speaker: Brian Conrad (Stanford)

June 6, 2012
Speaker: Reviel Netz (Stanford)

February 8, 2012
Speaker: Benedict Gross (Harvard)

November 30, 2011
Speaker: Persi Diaconis (Stanford)

April 20, 2011
Speaker: Manjul Bhargava (Princeton/MSRI)

February 9, 2011
Speaker: Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard)

October 6, 2010
Speaker: Terence Tao (UCLA)

March 11, 2010
Speaker: Robert Ghrist (University of Pennsylvania)